Symbol and Eon by Momentum Textiles

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Momentum Textiles is starting 2013 out with “tech-influenced edge.” Ideal for public spaces, especially university common areas, Symbol and Eon feature bold geometry and metallic sheen. Together, the coordinating fabrics offer a millennial modernism.


Digital Age-Inspired Pattern and Coordinating Metallic Solid Work Wonders in Educational Settings
Symbol is a mid-scale pattern of circles, each of which contains “cutouts and inlays” reminiscent of today’s technological world. From the pause symbol with its two parallel lines to the equal sign with its horizontal dashes, the symbols contained within each circle interpret the digital age. A blend of 66% Cotton, 19% Nylon, and 15% Polyester, Symbol comes in nine bold colors and crisp neutrals, from red Banner and marine Blueprint to gray Graphite and brown Arabica.


Eon complements Symbol with its bright palette and subtle sheen. A textural solid with unique embossing that creates a “metal-like surface with shifting light and intense dimension,” Eon is sophisticated and modern. Available in 21 colors, Eon is a performance textile that works with the colors in Symbol but is elegant enough to be used on its own. Warm colors like Blaze and Fire and cool colors like Atlantic and Cove are dynamic, while neutrals including Mineral and Mystery are refined.

Source : Momentum Textiles

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