Spellbound by Corbett Lighting

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There is something captivating about spirals. The sinuous form draws you inside, as if you’re trapped within a twister. Spirals engage the viewer with their inherent dynamism. Corbett Lighting recognizes the enchanting nature of this shape with its Spellbound collection of pendant and wall-mounted lights.


LED Pendants Celebrate Circular Shapes
Spellbound pendants come in four sizes: with a width/height of 18, 24, 32, and 40 inches. Whatever their dimension, the Spellbound lights hang from a straight stem that contrasts beautifully with the light’s unique winding “shade.” This cage encircles the light source like planetary rings. Inside the stylized tornado, a diagonal rod punctuates the form like an exclamation point. The juxtaposition of rigid and curvy lines makes Spellbound quite spellbinding. A Spellbound sconce is also available.


Source : Corbett Lighting

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